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Corporate Corner

On Monday, April 10, the Board of Directors and the Pool Committee presented, to everyone who was in attendance, a diagram of what the new pool area will look like. Here is the picture everyone was given. Also included was a sheet of information regarding Frequently Asked Questions about the pool. We hope these FAQs will answer a lot of questions you may have.

As of Wednesday, April 12, we have officially signed the contract with Hamlin Pools! The official start date for ground breaking is October 16, 2017. Expected completion date is January 15, 2018.

A lot of work has gone into reaching this goal. Jim Flood's entire pool team worked hard on this effort. Team members are Rick Fox, Mark McGuire, Sharon Marsh, Loren Hill and Wayne Winters. They should be thanked for all the long hours they have put into this effort. Every time the board asked for additional information or more detail, they worked hard with all three vendors to deliver what we asked for. Be sure to thank them for all their hard work when you see them!

swimming pool construction
swimming pool construction
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Basic Information about the pool:

The new pool will be a 30 x 50 foot salt water pool. The area around the pool space is approximately 74 ft by 75 ft. The decking on each side will be approximately 21 feet each and the top and bottom will be approximately 12'6" each. The decking will be made of brick pavers. The pool depth will go from 3' 6" and will go to 5'.

The pool shell has a lifetime warranty from Hamlin Pools and the pavers have a lifetime warranty from the paver company. Construction will begin on October 16, 2017 with a finish date of January 15, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the dolphins be included in the pool area?

Yes, the dolphins will continue to be a part of the new pool. They will be on the right side of the pool as you come through the gates.

What will be the additional cost and maintenance for the pool?

This is a difficult question to answer. There will be increased costs to heating a 1500 square foot pool compared to our existing 867 square foot pool. We cannot give you actual figures. We do not have any historical data on our current pool to know with any certainty what the total cost of oil, electricity, chlorine, and maintenance.

What we can tell you is that it will be more economical to maintain a salt cell system for the pool because it will make its own chlorine. We will not need to buy and supply chlorine to the pool daily.

The new pool will be more energy efficient and the automatic cleaning system will eliminate the need for daily cleaning by our employees.

Why are we not using concrete rather than brick pavers?

Brick pavers were selected instead of concrete because we have a two year warranty from Hamlin Pool on the installation of the pavers. The warranty is for any movement, sinking of pavers or discoloration. They will reset or replace if this occurs during the first two years. These problems rarely occur after two years of being installed. If we had used concrete, there would be no warranty (zero days) on any cracking, sinking, or movement.

Do the pavers have to be washed off every day? Will the sand between the pavers get into the hall and pool? Will weeds grow between the pavers?

No, the pavers do not have to be washed off every day. The compound used to set the pavers is made of sand and other products. It will set and harden and will not result in sand getting into the pool or the hall. While weeds appearing between the pavers can happen, we will be treating this occurrence just like we do today for weeds in our current decking area.

Does the salt water pool have to be shut down on a regular basis for maintenance?
No, the salt water pool will not have to be shut down on a regular basis for maintenance. It will not have to be drained at any time. Once every three months the salt water cells will have to be cleaned by our trained maintenance crew which should not take more than 30 minutes. It will not need to be shut down for this work to be done.

Why aren't we going to a smaller pool size that has been suggested which would be easier to maintain and cover?
When Hamlin Pools was here at the meeting where we voted, the representative estimated that our current pool was approximately 900 square feet. If we were to go to a 20 by 40 foot pool, it would be 800 square feet. Our new 30 by 50 foot pool is 1500 square feet. We are designing our new pool not only for our enjoyment, but also to attract new residents to our park in the future.

Hamlin Pools shared with us that in their 66 years of experience, they have rarely had a customer come back to them wishing they had installed a smaller pool. There have been several instances where a customer has indicated to them they wished they had put in a larger pool.

Will the pool have a cover that will be easy to put over the pool?
The current pool with the curve design is very difficult to cover and uncover. The new pool will be a rectangular pool and will be easier to cover and uncover. The contract includes a solar blanket for the pool. We are investigating the use of a reel to assist us in making the covering of the pool easier to do.

Why are we planning for a salt water pool?
We selected salt water because it is less expensive to maintain, easier to maintain and has a much softer feel on your skin when you are in the pool.

How much usable space is there on all four sides of the pool?
There are 3,267 square feet of usable deck space surrounding the pool. This is twice as much as the area of the pool. It is also approximately 200 square feet more usable space than is available at present time.

While the pool is under construction is there any other park where we could go for use of their pool?
We are not aware of any at this time. We believe, due to liability concerns other establishments would have (just like we would have), they would not allow outside individuals to come in to swim in their pools.

What is the plan to improve the appearance of the outside shower?
This is not a part of contract with Hamlin Pools. Updates of the surrounding walls, inside showers and outside shower is the responsibility of our park. The corporate board is currently working on this.

What is being done about potential additional parking for carts that will be needed due to increased usage of the pool?
This is not a part of the contract with Hamlin pools. The corporate board will be looking at this to see if changes need to be made.

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We realize you may have other questions at this time or in the future.
We would ask that you please submit them to the Board of Directors in writing.
Please put them in the suggestion box at the hall.
You can also email them to us:

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